Sunday, August 30, 2009

the right choice

Pictured above is an $8 Rx eyeglasses. Yes, eight dollars. Do you know how much I paid for mine this year? Fifty dollars for a pair! The difference is too much. I could have bought more pairs had I followed my instinct and purchased it from Zenni. But fool that I am I was worried about a lot of things even after Jerlalou told me the pair she got was just perfect. So, my next pair will be from Zenni. I am building up money on my debit card so I can get two more pairs. If you have prescription eyeglasses and you are reading this post, I am telling you how you can start spending smart and that is buying eyeglasses that are affordable. Like this pair below which is only $19.

The eyeglasses below is what I am aiming to get though. Should be good during the day so I don't have to bring sunglasses with me when we go out. You know I could buy three of my favorite high fashion eyeglasses from Zenni and pay only a few dollars more than what I paid for one pair and that is what I am doing next time.

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Unknown said...

hehehe..parehas ta ani..duha sad akong ani..ang isa sa fashion blog your choices as well..