Thursday, August 27, 2009


Two weeks ago I went to the Flea market for more books to read. I love to read on my free time and the husband indulges me so I get to buy new books then trade them with older ones from a guy who lets me swap books he sells at the Flea market. Who does not want new books? It is good for his business. When I am finished reading the books I got that is when I have to go back and swap some more. It saves me money in the long run because reading can be expensive especially if the library is far away and one buys books all the time. I still have a bag of books here I need to read. The little man plays with it and scans the pages for pictures which are nonexistent. It is a wonder he has not asked me why I like boring books, lol. He sure is interested in them. Maybe he will be like me when he grows up and will like to read too.

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