Tuesday, August 18, 2009

playing a game

The little man is using my computer right now playing Starfall's ABC game. He wants to play the game over and over after I showed him how to do it. It is nice knowing his hand is steady enough to click the mouse to navigate the page but his incessant screams of what happened to my game when he accidentally minimizes the page is annoying. He does not know where to find the icon yet but when I check how he is doing he has windows open with Yahoo finance or on deep pages sometimes about truck accessories and other things just by nonstop clicking. I am afraid he will click an ad that contains virus though because I don't want to deal with another infected computer yet. He is enjoying the phonics and sounds and words. I am torn between being happy I found a game he can enjoy and regretting I ever introduced the game to him. I am not comfortable with him spending time in front of the computer no matter how short it is. I may have to start weaning him off the computer before long. I don't want this to become a habit.

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