Sunday, August 16, 2009

on pets

My stepkids had pets for a long time. Both had cats. And both lived with us (with their pets) at different times. I had to help them take care of their pets because they were not very good in that department. I had a dog when I was kid so it was easier. Besides the cats were house trained. There were a few times we had to buy cat supplies when we went to the store because the cat ran out of food or the litter box needs to be replaced. We did not have any problem with it because I'd rather replace the litter box than deal with the nasty smell. None of them have their pets anymore though. The stepdaughter gave her cat away when she gave birth and the stepson left his pet at his mother's place when he came to live with us the second time. The little man was a baby at the time and I did not want him to be near pets at the time. When he gets older I might consider getting him a dog since he likes them better than cats.

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