Tuesday, August 11, 2009


My old, reliable laptop acquired a virus. My first reaction was that of disbelief since I do have antivirus in place. And then came anger. Right now I am just plain frustrated. I don't know what to do. I snapped at the husband earlier like it was his fault when he was just trying to help. Reformat came to mind so I dug through our records and looked for the recovery CD but I could not find it. Either the computer did not come with a recovery disc or the husband and the stepson used it to reformat his computer a long time ago and they misplaced it like they always do. Whatever the case, I cannot reformat my computer. I emailed customer support and hope that they will have answers to my questions tomorrow. Thankfully I do have a spare laptop which I did not use (I do now) because I am sharing the charger with the husband. His got fried when it got hit by lightning. We have to think of a course of action tomorrow whether to buy another charger for his laptop or try to save the old laptop by ordering a recovery CD for it. It will all depend on whether or not we will have money to spare. My major concern right now is what if it was a trojan virus and stole all our personal information? I am effed!


Twerlyn said...

hala kahadlok! ka try ko ana dati PC ni sis trojan virus kahadlok ug nawong.. gi reformat jud aron matay ang virus.

I hope ma recover nimo imong files mami..ang virus jud animales jud.

poray said...

na wla bisan usa an recover mami oi pro sagdi lng at least na reformat nko bisan wla recovery CD...ayo n lng ang ako baratuhon na laptop naa diay built-in na recovery program...ang ako pix na wla na tanan ayo n lng gani nasave nko sa CD months ago pa kaso problema ky wla ko kahibaw asa na dapit kron...problema gihapong dko hahaha