Sunday, August 30, 2009

another balikbayan box

Should be heading down to Leyte soon. The husband and I will go to the Filipino store later today to get a box so we can put all the stuff we bought in it. We still have plenty to buy which my parents requested such as the Victoria's Secret cologne they are crazy about and some shirts and maybe some canned goods for them to try. I have to rummage through the closets too get clothes which the little man will not use anymore. I don't have younger siblings or nephews but the neighbors or their friends might have kids who can use the clothes. Of course I have to put more stuff in there for the relatives but nothing grand or expensive. Maybe some soap and lotion. I am hoping the sales will kick in before we bring the box back to the store so I can buy more clothes for them. I don't know what the husband will put in the box this time. Last time he put tools in the box which I thought my father will not like but the opposite happened. He loved them! Well, I hope we will get things in order for September.

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