Saturday, July 4, 2009

staying home

We are staying home for the day. Unlike the previous years, we are not going to watch fireworks displays. The husband and I already had fireworks earlier when we argued over something silly and ended up laughing like goofs. It is crazy when two adults with a toddler get coped up in a house for days because of things we don't have control over. The husband got a call from his daughter saying if we want to we can go up to their place and we can bring the kids to the park to play. He declined and said we would rather stay home. I don't blame him. I want to stay home too even if we have enough of staying home, lol. It is just that by staying home we get to save money. I am not ready to run after the little man which is what he is guaranteed to do when we go to the park. How do I know? Because we have been to the park months before and I ended up chasing him everywhere. Anyway, it is a pretty day and hopefully a lot of people are enjoying the holiday weekend. Happy fourth!


a49erfangirl said...

Hope you still had a good time even if you did stay home.

poray said...

We did. Or I did. I don't know about my boys since these two like the outdoors more :)