Thursday, July 30, 2009

the search is on

The husband and I have been looking for a new place to live. Yes, our stint in the duplex is about over. He wants to live near the beach but everything is expensive right now so we are biding our time waiting for the perfect one. We are watching the listings on the internet. We can't do the driving around thing so we opt to do it online. We want a two or three bedroom unit may it be a house or an apartment. We are leaning on an apartment this time though so we don't have to do any yard work. But it has to have room for two adults and a growing, inquisitive toddler. We are not particular on how the inside looks like. We do not demand the floor to be made of ceramic tile or expensive carpet. We just want the new place to be fairly new and energy efficient. We are paying over two hundred dollars on electric where we are at now and the place is not even that big. And one of the reasons we are leaving this place is that it had been over a year and the AC is still not replaced when the landlord promised us it will be. We can only wait too long. I emailed her yesterday that the AC quit working and we are uncomfortable but she did not call to even acknowledge she got the email. But never fear, we will win, lol. If we can't find the perfect place on the beach we can always go back to the Midwest and start over like we previously planned.

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