Saturday, July 11, 2009

moving help

Before long, we will be moving out of this duplex we are living in. We might even move out of state although we can't make up our mind where to go just yet. It is a daunting task just even thinking about moving with the husband not able to help. How am I supposed to lift and carry anything in the truck? The stepson is working full time and going to school. We can ask the son-in-law but his decision will have to depend whether his wife will agree to it or not. If nothing else works, we might have to call a moving company and hope it is not expensive so we can afford it. I have to look not for moving companies Los Angeles but for ones in the South. We have rented trucks on our previous moves but a moving company with real people to carry (I will definitely pack) the boxes and furniture to the truck and deliver it to our destination is something I am not familiar with. It may be less stressful though. We still have another option left and that is to call relatives from another state and ask them to help but that also requires money not to mention their time. We better decide what to do before doing anything else.

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