Wednesday, July 15, 2009

a good deal?

The neighbor across the road finally sold his house, for a hefty amount at that. It took him and his wife weeks to move their belongings to what he claimed as a newer and bigger house. The other day they brought a moving truck to get everything out and that includes the steel buildings he had in his yard. It probably were the storage buildings which I thought was part of the deal with the house but I am apparently wrong. They left a small storage shed in the yard though. The new owner has not moved in yet. I am wondering who paid a lot of money for a modest home. The previous owner actually told us the original price of the house was half of the amount he sold it in. Somebody got a good deal huh? Although to the previous owner's credit he did have the roof fixed.


Grampy said...

Right now in the US it is tough selling your house. Lucky if you can get enough to pay the bank off. Look for the Farmers Market meme. More info here.
Farmers market
July 24

poray said...

We thought he was crazy when he told us his asking price but then it was sold after just 3-4 months. He just got lucky. There are about three more houses in the neighborhood that are still for sale after a year of being in the market though.