Friday, July 17, 2009

giving back

Since a friend set up my own hosting account for me (I am that dumb, lol) I decided to offer another friend in the Philippines to host her blog should she decide to make one. It has to be on her own domain though and the friend said she is interested with the idea. We will talk some more in a few days and hopefully by then she already has a domain name picked out. I will host the blog for free. What is one more to the few I have? I also host another friend's blog for free. I am doing this because when I started out somebody helped me and hosted my blogs for free so I am giving back in return. I am aiming to renew my account and I have to save some more to be able to afford it since the rates has increased. I still have a few months left though. I have plenty of time.


PeacemakingTree said...

I just love to hear the concept of giving back. Nice! Kindness begets kindness. It makes me feel good to watch or hear or… you know.

poray said...

Actually what I am doing is nothing compared to what was given to me. This is why I want to make another person happy.