Sunday, June 21, 2009

summer break

The neighborhood kids are enjoying the summer break. They are out riding their mopeds, riding their bikes, and putting up skateboard ramps near the roads. We saw several kids on skateboards the other day waving at us when we passed. I find it comforting that I saw adults with them too. Though I am not comfortable watching preteens riding their mopeds without helmets. I thought only 16 year old and older are allowed to do it but I guess if they don't get out of the subdivision they are fine. The husband said when the little man is older we will buy him his own moped as well. Provided we have the money, lol. Or we will bring him to a place where he can ride a go kart. I am hoping he will be able to do things that me and my cousins did not get to do when we were kids. Although I would love it too if he gets to play the games we played when I was a kid. I sure had fun times even if I did not have new toys.


a49erfangirl said...

I love to watch kids! My kids are big into playing football outside and riding bikes. I suppose you could say they like skateboards too. Not sure they would be courageous on the ramps!

poray said...

I was afraid the kids would get hurt but like I said, there were adults present so they should be able to help just in case. My son is only two but right now I can tell he will be into physical sport when he grows up if climbing and jumping are any indication, lol.