Saturday, June 6, 2009

something old

We went to the stepdaughter's house to get our stuff which had been in her garage for months. We finally decided to get us a storage building and we are going to deposit everything we don't normally use on a daily basis there. We did it while her husband was there because most of the things we had in their garage are heavy. The husband could not lift anything due to his injury and I can only lift so much weight. The stuff are still in the trailer awaiting for the stepson to have time to unload everything. Anyway, I saw things I actually already forgot we have. Like the bikes which my first reaction was that it looked familiar, lol. And the little man's jogging stroller which we made good use for two years until he learned how to unsnap the belts. It was not a Bob stroller but it sure did help us a lot when we went walking during summer (even winter) on the beach. I thought about getting rid of it but the husband said to keep it and maybe give it to somebody else if they're interested. There were even paddles which for some reason the husband kept even if he sold the canoe that came with it a long time ago. We might have to post a lot of this items we no longer need on Craigslist one of these days. We tend to keep things more for sentimental reasons than monetary so we might not get much from it. I don't know what I will unearth when I start cleaning the closets.

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