Sunday, June 28, 2009

not a good day

We have a growing boy in the house and some times when he gets bored he does things that are not safe for him such as climbing on furniture and running fast without caring whether he bumps into something. It frustrates me but there is nothing much I can do at the moment. He is a kid after all. He tends to be curious about things and how they work. Although I try hard to entertain him with toys and spending time with him, it still is not enough. I know he needs to be around kids his age he can play with. It will eventually happen when we move near his cousins. But for now I have to keep up with him while keeping my cool which is so hard to do especially when I am sick like today. Sometimes I wish he is older and can entertain himself by playing games on XBox or watching movies. His form of entertainment right now is me, like annoying me by doing things I specifically told him not to or by using me as his horsey when we are trying to take naps. If I don't lose weight following any diet regimen I might just lose weight being around my little man when he is in a mood like this. It does not help that the husband is not in a good mood either because of pain and other concerns. I feel like I wanna crawl under a rock and stay there until I am recharged.

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Dorothy L said...

Oh..I have been where you are and it is very hard. Just know that this too will pass...Life does get easier.

These are your challenges in life that will mold your character every step of the way:)