Tuesday, June 9, 2009

diet woes

With my unsuccessful attempts at losing weight, I am surprised I am still at it, lol. I have been doing the diet thing on and off for over two years after I gave birth to the little man. I am disappointed with the weight gain ever since and am trying to get rid of it hence the diet. The problem starts when I lost control of my appetite which is always the problem anyway. I have blamed it on giving birth, being on the pill, and all things except myself. Disgusting, aren't I? Well, I am at it again. Started yesterday with the hopes that this time I will be successful. And for back up, I even read a lot of slimming pills review so I have an idea what to expect should I have to use diet pills in the future. I am keeping my options open just in case. It won't hurt to try new things. A friend said she used diet pills for months after she gave birth and she looked good when we met. Maybe I will be lucky too.

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