Friday, June 5, 2009


Got to talk to the sister-in-law (little bro's wife) via yahoo messenger last night. We did not talk long though because she was trying to fix their computer's web cam and headset. I really wanted to see my niece who will be turning one year old this month. It was a shame she could not fix the web cam but she promised she will have a technician come over and fix whatever needs to be fixed so we can talk longer and more freely next time. We had our cam on though and the little man was doing all kinds of tricks to anybody who was interested to watch, lol. He would not budge when I tried to get him out of the chair so I let him play with my friend who was also online at the time. They were just exchanging audible and smileys and he was so tickled with that. Must have been because of the attention he got. She said this little boy is going to be a heart breaker :)

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