Saturday, May 2, 2009


I posted two brand new air conditioners on Craigslist today and it sold just minutes after the ad was up. The husband is happy and I want to sell more of our belongings, lol. The AC's were bought when one store had a huge sale last year. I wondered why the husband bought five window air conditioners and one huge one for inside the house when we only needed one. Now I know. It is an exhilarating feeling selling something online. We are pack rats and we have a lot of stuff in storage and in the house that we need to get rid of only we like to hang on to our stuff. The bad thing about having too many knickknacks though is it is a burden when we decide to move. We have been packing things that we are not using since we got married so I asked the husband if we can sell some of them. We agreed to start sorting through our things and sell what we are not using and those that we don't need. And believe me we have plenty of things we even forgot we have anymore. I let the husband get the money. What I want is to do the posting and waiting for prospective buyers to call.


lira said...

mami, pagkanindot sad nga nahalin daun.

una pa, na-file nko akong 1099 gkan ppp.

matud sa uban ky pwde man daw nmo amend ra kng wa naapil this year. si Imageek sa wof ky kabalo to sya.

A mom's note

poray said...

nice lagi mami dia kron gusto na nko baligya amo mga gamit hahaha...

btaw oi ang ppp lng wla namo maapil saon late kaayo hing abot...ambot kng pa- amend ba ni namo or sa next year na i-count...guol ko ky wla klaro na info ba kng unsaon..
thanks diay sa reply

lira said...

mao jud dugay kaau niabot ang sa ppp. ang ako gibuhat ato ky email ko nila og ngau sa total earnings pati ilang tax number aron mahuman na. mao to gdawat ra man sad sa CPA. unya pila kaadlaw ky niabot ang 1099. pastang garaa sa ppp lagi.