Friday, May 22, 2009

on computers

I have been bugging the husband to buy a new cpu for our desktop computer. He knows how I loved the wide screen on our old computer yet he is not doing anything to fix it. It crashed about a year ago when his son opened sites he was not supposed to and he decided to let it go because he claimed he was tired of fixing it over and over again. When his son moved out I wanted the computer back and running again but he has gotten used to the laptop and he told me if he ever will fix the desktop computer again, he will buy new parts for it and he will assemble it himself. He said this is better than buying the whole thing from the store. I agree with him on that score because he assembled that old computer and it worked really good. He had everything in it including a video card so I can play my online games in it. I can't do that with my laptop and as fast as it gets, I still think our old desktop computer was quicker. It withstood the little man's turning it on and off but the viruses it got from certain websites killed it. How I wish to be able to use it again. Maybe soon.

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