Monday, May 18, 2009


It stormed the whole day yesterday here in the South. We thought it would just be a heavy downpour but it started to thunder and then a lightning struck just a few meters away from the house. The husband was in the carport talking to his sister on the phone while it happened. He said he did not even have the time to blink because it happened so quick. He said he saw yellow and orange light hit a branch on the neighbor's tree. I was in the computer and right at the same time the lightning struck my laptop give off electric shock which made me jump. The little man was with his sister-in-law in the couch and when I checked on him he was fine. He got quite for a while though but he went back to playing when he recovered from his shock. It was pretty loud. The television and the DVD player quit working for a few seconds then went back on again. The stepson ran outside to check on his father who was in shock. For a person who always warns me not to stay in an open field when it is storming, he clearly does not practice what he preaches. He said he did not have a clue it would happen. The lightning fried the modem for the internet. It also fried the charger to his laptop. Good thing we have the same brand and I am not using my other laptop so he is using my charger now. We don't have to buy a new charger as of the moment. The neighbors pretty much had it bad. The couple who live across the road said their washer and dryer quit working while the internet and cable on the house beside ours quit working. I have not checked our washer but I know the dryer is working. It was quite an experience and the husband has been telling people about his close encounter with lightning.

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