Monday, April 6, 2009

waiting for a sale

I need another pair of jeans. My old ones that I brought from PI do not fit anymore. This is what happens when a girl lets herself go, lol. I purchased two pair when I went shopping at the beginning of the year and now I want one more from the same store. I got lucky and found a store to buy jeans that fits around the waist even if I (with the husband's help at the time) had to hem them. Those were a bit expensive than I am used to so I am waiting for the store to have a sale to buy a new pair. When that will happen, I have no idea. I am patient though, I can wait. As long as I can buy a pair before the year is over. What a girl will do to shop for clothes :)


Janice said...

Same here - would rather wait for the "sale time" and enjoy my money's worth. I like buying in bulk (during sale) because I don't always have the time to shop and so when I finally shop - I do "One-time Big time shopping" LOL! :) I hope you get your jeans soon! :) Take care :)

poray said...

I normally just buy clothes when I need them when it is on sale. AS for the jeans, I might have to wait a little while but I don't care :)