Saturday, April 11, 2009

saving pictures

The husband bought me a new flash drive to store pictures I have saved on my computers. I have saved pictures on both of my computers and I know I need to have a back up in case these crash. I have not transferred any pictures in it though. I am too lazy to even lift a finger to save the pictures even if I have had tons of pictures lost when our desktop crashed. I should have learned my lesson huh? But I am hoping these two will not give me problems. I have transferred some pictures on a CD although I really have to transfer it to the flash drive for added security. Sometimes I think the old ways of taking pictures was better. You know, the ones that has to be developed. Then all I would have to do was save the pictures from getting wet or tore up. But then digital camera is economically sound for us so I don't really have much choice. So I should get my lazy butt up and do whatever has to be done and quit complaining :)

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