Wednesday, April 22, 2009

nothing to do

The husband has a doctor's appointment today but we decided not to go with him because it was at a hospital downtown. Parking is hard to find and there are a lot of people milling around. I figured it is safer for me and the little man to stay home and wait for him. I think I made the right decision since the little man crawled up in bed with me just a few minutes after his father left. It saved me from having to deal with tantrums had I decided we go with the husband. I do make some sound decisions sometimes, lol. And since the little man is asleep and the husband is not home yet, I am left with nothing to do except mull over what to eat for lunch and search online about liporexall for no apparent reason. Yeah, I am bored. I am happy when my cousin from Denmark called online but his internet connection is on and off and it is aggravating. Hays, I should just go ahead and eat so I will be ready in case the husband decides to go to the beach to walk. His doctor advised him to do some walking hoping it will do some good for his back. I sure will be happy when he gets to feeling better.

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