Friday, April 10, 2009

more memory

The husband restored his laptop to an earlier date to make it load faster. Whenever his computer acts up, this is what he does which usually solves the problem. And since mine was loading so slow and I was not feeling good this morning, I asked him to restore my laptop when he was done with his. He did but he restored it on a date prior to the date when I had the virus protection loaded in it. I was not happy and I know I was being a b%$&# but I want that virus protection so bad because I don't want my computer to crash. I am paranoid when it comes to that. Instead of saying thank you I ended up yelling at him. I am ashamed for acting like a brat. The husband deserves an apology. He said he will never do what I ask him to do again when it comes to the computer. I am only using one right now because my old laptop needs more laptop memory, it only has 1G and it was not enough. I may have to purchase more memory for it if I will know how and where to go. That is why I am being extra careful with this pc I am using right now. Still, it was not reason enough to yell.

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