Monday, April 20, 2009

diet 101

The sister-in-law and I decided to get on some kind of diet because we both agree we are fat. We talked about it and we started today, Monday. We agreed that we are going to remind each other online or on the phone (we live on different states) so neither will cheat. I hope this will work out. We are not planning on anything drastic, just cutting back on food and trying to eat healthy at the same time. No weight loss pills of any kind. We agreed this will be about discipline and endurance. Will we be successful? We don't know but we are hoping we will. It is awful when one has to buy bigger size clothes, much less when one has to try to hide the so called love handles. I hope to be able to fit in to my pre-pregnancy clothes at least. I hope that is not an impossible goal to achieve.

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