Thursday, April 9, 2009

big problem

The husband made fun of me earlier. He said he saw a bald spot on my head and even pinpointed it. Now I am crazy over things like that. I freak out when there is something wrong with me. When he saw I was really worried he laughed and said I am not only bald, I am also fat and my ear is crooked (this is worth another post). When I realized he was just making fun of me I showed him my fist and said it was enough to break his nose, lol. He wandered away from me, laughing so hard. I have a crazy husband. Well, it turned out I don't have a bald spot. My ears are fine. Which leaves me with one truth, I am fat. I am not denying it either. In fact I have yapped about it often enough some people are probably tired of hearing (or reading) it. If there is only a way to get slim quick without working out or perhaps take something for appetite suppression so I don't have to eat too much. What I would give to be slim. Or perhaps it should read, what I should do to lose weight. The answer lies in my hand I know that. But laziness strikes and then stays sometimes. I need motivation.

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