Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I went to the eye doctor today to have an eye exam to renew my eyeglass prescription and get new prescription for contact lens. I have thought about the latter a long time and decided to try it since the eyeglasses sometimes gets in the way especially when I am dealing with the little man. Plus the fact that he has been wanting to get hold of it and break it to pieces. And I really want to experience being able to see things without the frame in my face. And after scheduling and rescheduling it three times, I finally had it done this afternoon. It took me over thirty minutes to put on contact on one eye though. I never thought it was that hard and I certainly hope it will be easier tomorrow when I do it in the morning. Anyway, I have to use this pair for a week and a half and then I will have to go back for a follow up check. After seven days I will have my new pair of eyeglasses too. I paid a lot for this combo but then it is for my own good so there should be no regrets. I was like an idiot when I got out of the clinic this afternoon. I just kept on looking around and telling the husband I can finally see clearly after over a decade. It feels good! I hope this will work fine and we can afford to buy new contacts when the time comes for me to buy new pairs. I now realized I should have taken care of my eyes better when I was younger. Well, thank goodness for eye doctors :)

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SweetPinay said...

I'm planning to have contacts also dhai coz the glasses are so annoying jud.