Thursday, February 5, 2009


I am craving for Filipino style spaghetti for days now. I have talked to my online friends asking them if they can help me with this dilemma. You see, Filipino style spaghetti uses sweet and sour sauce which is not available in the US unless one gets lucky and finds it in the Filipino store. I thought about using sugar but I am afraid it will end up nasty. I can't afford to throw food away just because it does not taste good. So I asked around and one of my friends said she has been using this sauce from California which she bought from the Asian store and that it tasted like the ones in the Philippines. The glitch is that she said she will not be going to the store soon but she promised she will get me some when she does. And hopefully, she will find Maggi spaghetti as well. I love Maggi's instant spaghetti, it is sweet and filling. Well, I hope I will get the sauce soon enough before this craving escalates. I have never liked the Italian spaghetti, it is too sour for my taste though my son loves it. It is all a matter of preference I guess.


Ginoong Ang said...

i find this blog so funny. filipino-style spaghetti. i never thought that people would actually crave for our own sweet spaghetti and the market-bought ham and hotdog (best to get those from the market and not the processed ones bought in supermarkets). i think the secret is in the banana catsup.

your blog reminded me of my trip to NY two years ago. after saving for more than 5 years, i finally had enough to vacation in the US. upon arrival in NY, my friend living there immediately suggested we have dinner in a Filipino restaurant. i told her na that i didn't fly for more than half a day and pay more than $1000 airfare to eat Filipino food in NY when i get to eat it for almost everyday in the Philippines. i later learned that visiting friends from the Philippines is an excuse for them to eat a Pinoy resto.

well, i hope you find the Jollibee-like spaghetti that you're looking for.

poray said...

The craving for Filipino food makes life a bit harder for us who are abroad. It just takes time to get used to foreign food and if one does not know how to cook (like me) then the problem arises, lol. Masarap pa rin ang pagkaing pinoy :)

ღ pinaymama ღ said...

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Thank you!