Monday, February 9, 2009

cannot follow instruction

When we bought the little man his play slide, the husband told me to put it up. It looked simple enough that I said yes. I did not even look at the manual. What for? There were only a few knobs and bolts and it was not as if I had to deal with tricky industrial knobs where I won't know which goes where. So I set out to do the task and when the husband saw the manual in the table unopened, he asked what was I doing. I smarted off and he shook his head. It turned out I left a knob off which was supposed to be used before anything else was. I told him that if he was going to mess with my work then he had to do it which he did and I was saved from further embarrassment. This particular incident happened a year ago but we still laugh when we remember how I made a mess of a simple task. After that incident, he told me to always use the manual whenever one is available because that is what it is for. A guide. Fine! Lol.

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