Monday, January 19, 2009

we got lost

The other night we went to the stepdaughter's new house. We are not familiar with the place so we had to use a map. Well, I read the map wrong and we got lost, lol. The husband lectured me about the importance of paying attention ( I am not good at that, I'm afraid.). The little man got car sick and I felt a bit miserable. Only a bit, lol. It is just that the place is new. There are new stores and a few digital signage but all in all, the place still has a country feel to it. So it is easy to get lost. The road does not have street lights at all and the gas stations are closed at night. Add the fact that even if I was wearing glasses it was hard to read the street signs. The husband was relying solely on me for direction because I did good with the map the first time we went there. That taught him a lesson to verify first before following my direction. Next time, we will go during the day to avoid incidents like that to happen again.

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