Tuesday, January 27, 2009


We went to the beach to walk last weekend. It was freezing cold yet we braved it just to get a little exercise. The things we do to stretch our old muscles, lol. Anyway, the husband just kept on walking and then he would wait for me and the little man who were walking ever so slowly because the busybody that he is wanted to play with the sand. When we were only a few feet away from him I commented that his face is filling up and I kinda like it. He then asked, so am I getting fat? I did not know how to react with that one so I kept my mouth shut. He asked again, is it time for me to get the best diet pills there is? I laughed after he said that. I said I like to look at his face because it is filled at the right places and he actually looks younger. I don't know if he believes me but it is the truth. He really looks better now. I told him he only has to get rid of the bulge in the stomach area and he will be hot again, lol. I need to work on mine as well. I don't know if we ever will go to the gym like we planned because there has been complications which popped up that we have to deal with. Maybe when we are not busy.

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