Saturday, January 10, 2009

on gift cards

Last Christmas we received three gift cards from family and friends. I like it because we get to spend/use it the way we want. It is just like being given cash only it has to be used in a specific restaurant or store. We already used one gift card but we still have two left. I forgot to use one when we went to the store for groceries and only remembered when we were in the car. The husband and I agreed we will use it next time but we have been to the same store twice after that and still the card is in my purse, unused. I am afraid it will expire if I will not do something about it. I might have to use the card to purchase books to make sure I remember to use it because I always think about using a different card when I do. I don't know if it will work but then it might. As for the second card, it is for a game place for kids and we have to decide yet whether we will go or not. It is the time when kids get sick so I am not sure if it is safe to bring the little man in public. We might have to give it to somebody else who has a kid so they can use it before it expires.

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