Thursday, January 15, 2009

more books

Last week, I gave in to the temptation of buying more paperbacks online. I told the husband about it and he said it was fine. He already knows that reading is my addiction, lol. I would rather browse through rows and rows of books than spend hours shopping for clothes. The latter makes me dizzy for some reason. But anyway, so I ordered four paperbacks and after a week, three were delivered just an hour ago. They did not have the fourth book in stock so I have to wait until it is available. I have three new books that are waiting for me to read. Add that to the four I bought from the flea market and I will be occupied for maybe a week. That is if the little man will let me read my book in silence. Sometimes he just wants me to watch him play. I am glad the books came. It is nice to stay home and read a book especially when the weather is cold. And it helps pass the time while the little man and I are waiting for Dada to get home.

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