Friday, January 30, 2009

he is good

The times that the husband brought me to the shop where he worked I get amazed at how easy, I thought, his job being a mechanic works. The shop is equipped with car lifts, washers, benches, welders, and other things a mechanic needs to fix a car. But when I looked closely, it sure is hard labor. Bending and getting under a car trying to see what is wrong with an engine is not easy. This is not what the husband does because he is a transmission builder. He does not get under a car unless their R&R man does not know what is wrong with it and he calls the husband to help in. The shop has a building room at the back where the husband tackles transmissions, doing heavy lifting most of the time. He is good at what he does too and not just because he is my husband but it is evident on the cars running good as new and the owners appreciation of his work. He is sick right now but I hope he gets to feeling better soon. I know he likes to tinker with cars and he is used to going to work everyday for five days in a week and he will surely miss that. If there is only any way I can help him right now, perhaps share the pain but we can't be sick together or nobody will take care of the little man.

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