Tuesday, January 20, 2009


It annoys me no end when the phone rings and my hands are full. You ask why? Because the little man answers it upon realizing that Mama is busy somewhere in the house. He talks on the phone with his usual hawo? then more gibberish and then a bye-bye. He does this all the time when he is near the phone and it rings. He will not wait for me to answer instead he goes on ahead and talk but when he sees me coming he drops the phone right away. Whoever was on the other end, I am so sorry. I did not want him to do it even when I know that sometimes the call is from a toll free number. I would rather answer before I hang up out of courtesy. What is funny is when the husband calls. When I don't answer the mobile phone he calls the landline and when his son answers he gets scared that something is wrong. And he always calls when I am busy. He called several times the other day and the little man answered him all the time because I was cleaning the bathroom. He said the little man tried so hard to explain where I am at but they did not understand each other. He told me to keep my mobile phone with me at all times which is what I will be doing from now on. I know my little boy is just trying to help but he is too young to do the job well yet.

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