Tuesday, January 13, 2009

bottled water

When I told the husband I feel like puking when I drank tap water he said it was all in my mind. He thought I was just kidding him. But then I started buying bottled water to drink and stopped using tap water except to cook. A few days later he told me to put bottled water on the grocery list because he is not drinking tap water again. I asked what was the matter and he said it was nasty. Huh? He just realized it? Lol. He said he was about to drink tap water when he saw there was slime in it so he dumped it in the sink and reached for the bottle water I have in handy. Since then he has been using bottled water even when he makes coffee. Even the little man is using bottled water. It is a bit expensive when you think about it but I think it is better than going to the hospital in case the water is contaminated or something. We might have to tell the landlady about it so she can have the water or the pipes that run from the source to the house tested if she can. For now we will continue using bottled water for safety.

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