Saturday, January 3, 2009


Today marks my third anniversary here in the US. I flew from Manila to Detroit with a stopover in Japan. I was alone on the trip because the husband could not get off work at the time. He was at the airport in Louisville waiting for me. I did not have any idea how cold winter can be so I only had a thin jacket on. And even with thermals underneath I felt so cold. Thankfully, the husband had a winter jacket on the ready which I refused to wear thinking I can brave the cold. Who was I kidding? We were in his car when I started to chill. He saved me from embarrassment by not laughing at my stupidity. It has been three long years that I have not seen my parents and I miss them so but this is my life now. Away from the place I grew up in. I am sure we will visit them one day when we have the money though. Perhaps we will settle down in the Philippines when the time is right. For now, I am enjoying my life with my husband and our son. True, there are times I feel like screaming at the two of them but they make up for everything by doing things which makes me happy. The three years has been full of fun and excitement and some glitches here and there but all in all I am glad I made the decision to come and be with the person I love. In a few days is our third wedding anniversary as well. Time really flies by so quick when you are having fun :)


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Happy Anniversary I enjoyed reading your post today. I was very refreshing. Happy New Year!

Twerlyn said...

happy aniversary sa inyo duha mami! going strong forever =)

poray said...

Thanks mami!