Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Our first few months here in the South, we always got lost when we went anywhere. We relied on a map the husband purchased from a gas station. I was the one who read the map (and failed miserably) while he was behind the wheel. We always ended up arguing but it never stopped us from going places anyway, lol. When we talked about our experiences we mostly just laugh about it because come to think of it, it was funny. Although it was scary when we were lost and it was getting dark and we did not know the way home. The stepdaughter presented a solution to our problem and she told us once she finds the right deal she will get us Garmin GPS to help us. She has one she found online at a reasonable price and she has been using it for months. She swears by it's accuracy. She let us use it once and it was indeed accurate and, in a way, fun. It was like having a virtual guide or map for that matter. The husband claims he does not need it but if somebody will give him one he will accept it, lol.

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