Friday, December 5, 2008

nice house

I have mentioned in one of my posts that the husband's daughter bought a new house. We visited it last weekend and decided she hit the jackpot this time. The house was foreclosed on and they got it for over a hundred grand but the appraiser said it is worth over two grand. It is a big house with a big kitchen, a screened back porch, a fireplace, and with nice chandeliers hanging in the living room. It is has high ceiling too. When the husband surveyed it the second time he was happy that his daughter and her husband found them a good deal. There is even a school nearby. The problem now is his daughter confessed to us that she doesn't want to settle in one place too long. Which means that in a year or two she might want to move out and look for another place. She is silly but she has always been like that. He told her that she can always sell it when the economy straightens out. Which we don't know when. Well, she bought a house so she should be ready to live in it permanently if she has to. She has kids to think about and kids do need stability.

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