Friday, December 5, 2008

nasty headache

I have the world's worst headache and I am not exaggerating. My head feels like it is going to split in two. I have taken cold medicine earlier thinking that it might be from clogged sinuses but nothing happened so I took pain reliever but the stubborn pain is still there hammering in my head. It is a throbbing pain and I hate it. When the husband called and I told him about it he said he also has a bad headache and he suspects it might be some kind of virus. I hope not. Maybe this came as a result of the lack of sleep for the last few nights. I know it is painful. If there is any way I know to get rid of this, I would have done it right away. Usually, I only have to take one tylenol and the pain disappears. Now, it seems like my stomach is even acting funny. Boy, I sure hope this is just a one day thing and will be gone by tomorrow.

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