Sunday, December 7, 2008


When I called my parents last night they informed me that I am going to be a sponsor for my niece's baptism. I will be godmother all over again. This time to my own brother's daughter. It's neat! I got a chance to talk to my brother and he teased that since I am godmother to his daughter I am supposed to give her money which I countered that since the father owed me a lot I will not give money and we are even. Or in Visayan term, we will call it quits. My parents who were listening (the phone was on speaker) laughed so hard. They knew it will come to that knowing how cunning their kids are. Lol. It was fun talking to them. They sounded happy and content even if money is a bit scarce. I am glad that my parents do not fret too much on the goings on around them especially when it concerns spending money. I hope they will have a merry Christmas.

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