Thursday, December 11, 2008

early Christmas presents for me

A few months ago, I asked a friend to buy me tagalog pocketbooks in Manila and send it here. Our bargain was, she will buy the books alright but she has to read all of it first before sending it to me in South Carolina. Of course I said yes. The condition she gave was pretty fair, besides it will not harm me nor the books if she will read everything. She purchased it in the first place and I was not in a hurry to get the books. And the goods are not perishable so there was no rush. After she and her sister and mother read the books, she packed all in a box and dropped it at the post office only to be returned two weeks later because the package got wet and the address was unreadable. She was furious then because of the ineptitude of the people at the post office and even if it was not her fault, they deducted the money she paid for the box prior to refunding her. She then went to another post office after a week (she was busy at work) and mailed the package again, this time making sure that there will be no mishap. It has been three weeks since then and we have been worrying where the package might have been or if it will get here at all. Well, the package containing the tagalog pocketbooks was delivered just about thirty minutes ago. I knew the mailman will not disappoint. When he delivered me the package from my parents yesterday I told him I am awaiting another package and he said he will keep an eye on it and sure enough he delivered it today with a smile. Bless him! I thanked him profusely. He could not have known how happy I was to see the box. These are my early Christmas presents to myself. Now I have ten books from my favorite Filipino author Martha Cecilia and a few which my friend included since she could not find the specific titles I wanted. Thank you friend and thank you Mr. Mailman!

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