Thursday, December 4, 2008

comfortably warm

Being born and raised in the tropics, it is hard for me to deal with the cold season. Fall is fine but winter is just sometimes unbearable for me. My first winter here, I complain basically every minute of every day that I would not have blamed the husband should he decided to send me back to the Philippines. I was that bad. Even if the house is set at 80 degrees when he was at work it still was so cold for me. He made me wear layered clothes to stop me from complaining and told me to move and do something so I will burn some calories and I will feel warm. It did not work mainly because I have already psyched my mind that it was cold. You know how stubborn the brain can be sometimes. Thankfully, the sister in law (who happened to be our neighbor) came to the rescue. She brought me an electric blanket to my delight. I used it all the time, even in bed. The husband did not like it because he said it was hot. I made sure it was very warm much to his annoyance. I did not realize then that the hotter the blanket was, the colder I will feel when I was not under it. Well, that realization came a bit late because of my being hard headed. Anyway, when I though about how cold the bed is when we first get in it to sleep at night, I wonder if I can persuade the husband to buy heated mattress pads for our bed. It will serve two purpose, one is to keep us warm and the other is the heat will be good for our aching limbs. Both of us complain about aching joints and muscles and I think the pads will be good for us. I will have to promise him to put the thermostat to a comfortable setting though. This way the nights will not be too cold.

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