Tuesday, December 30, 2008

back from our trip

We are back from our trip. I have a lot of pictures and I think I will share some when I have the time. We had a good time during our stay in Orlando. The motel we stayed in although cheap was clean and presentable and the indoor lighting was good enough for us. We only went back in to sleep anyway. We were out running around most of the time. I indulge in food and the husband gave in to my every whim. He is such a dear. He did not complain at all. The trip was his Christmas and birthday present for me. We went to eat at Boston's Lobster Feast and for the first time in my life I gorge on crab legs and lobster. That was actually my first time to eat lobster and once I tasted one I did not stop, lol. The husband did all the peeling though. I did not even try to eat other food from the buffet at all. It was pretty high (I think) for a buffet but the place was packed and the food was fresh. Everybody seemed to enjoy their food. I hope they have a restaurant like that here where we are at. I would like to go to one again. But anyway, the food was not the only attraction though it figured first on my list. I was hungry every hour, lol. The husband asked where I put all the food and I told him in my stomach where else. I think I gained weight from all the eating I did but it was worth it. It was after all, a vacation.

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