Wednesday, November 12, 2008

what i have been up to

I am hooked to reading again. And I don't mind, lol. The husband does though. When we went to the flea market two weeks ago I bought six paperbacks. All fiction. I love to read and when things are slow (read:the little man is being good) I do read. I have to stop when the husband gets home though because he thinks I am ignoring him. I do tend to ignore the goings on around me when I read. I get involved with the plot. Crazy but true. I just finished one book I started yesterday and I am about to start reading a new one. This is a good thing to pass the time while waiting for the little man to get up so we can wait for Dada to get home. There is nothing much for me to do.

By the way, we are planning on a trip which will not include the husband and he is bugging me to make a list of things that needs to be done so when the time comes we will be ready and everything will be in place. I want him to go with us but it seems like he already made up his mind. We might as well go ahead with the plan and maybe he can go with us next time. I am sure there will be a next time concerning the trip. It is to visit my parents in Leyte. It is easier for us to visit them than them us. We will see how this will go. I have to start a list so the husband will not worry about things. He is a worrywart and I know the fact that he will not go with us is worrying him a lot. If only he has longer vacation time and we have lots of money. But then maybe something good will come up and we will be blessed with the resources so he can go with us to visit relatives and friends. All in God's perfect time.

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