Monday, November 3, 2008

we saw them

We saw the husband's daughter and her family yesterday at the grocery store parking lot. She asked why we were shopping on a store which is located very far from where we live. Well, we went walking yesterday and decided to stop at the first store (which happens to be near her house) we saw so we didn't have to make any more trips to another store. We just needed a few grocery items anyway. They were coming in while we were about to pull out of the lot.

They talked for a while with the husband not even caring to get out of the car. The husband and his daughter are so alike in many ways that whenever they stay in one room for longer than a few minutes they always end up arguing over every thing. They argue over politics, the government, the laws, some political figures, medical terms and conditions, and even as mundane as life insurance policies and life insurance rates while I just listen to them and wait who will be the first to get out of the room. One would try to make the other back down and whoever couldn't take the heat storms off. It is actually funny to listen to them. They will argue now and will not call each other for days but when the call comes (from her) it is always as if nothing happened. They both are silly.

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