Saturday, November 22, 2008

up early

The little man woke up early this morning. He climbed to our bed and woke us up so his father decided to tell him a made-up story. He listened and settled down for a long time after which he decided to crawl back to his own bed and played with his lamp. Of course he didn't stay long enough and proceeded to the living room to watch tv. I didn't want to get up yet so I told the husband to make sure the living room was safe for him while I laze in bed. I am not supposed to get up early on a weekend but with a toddler one never really is certain. So here I am already up on a cold Saturday morning where most people are still in bed trying to keep warm.

I don't know what we will do today. The husband wants to buy a new comforter so we might go to the mall to get one. But given the way he loathes shopping I don't know if we will. Perhaps we will go walk if it is not too cold outside. I haven't checked the temperature yet. I hope we will go to the mall though. I love to window shop. Maybe I can find something to buy for the little man for Christmas. I want to buy him flash cards with numbers and things on it. It is hard to find those though. Unlike a video card where I can probably find it in most stores. Looking for educational toys for a toddler is harder than finding a pair of jeans that will fit for me which is actually next to impossible. Or maybe I have been looking at the wrong stores. I know I have to find something before long though. He can't be stuck learning just the alphabet and the numbers one to ten.

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