Thursday, November 20, 2008

thanksgiving plans

We are spending Thanksgiving with the husband's daughter's family. I asked him the other day what we will be preparing and he said we don't have to since we are invited and we might spend the whole day in their house. Nice! That means I am not going to cook nor do I have to clean up any mess. I like holidays but sometimes it is better when somebody else cooks the food which are served in the table. If the plan push through then my wish is granted. Also, the little man will be able to play with his nephew. I really want to expose him to other people, young and old, so he will know how to react around them. He is very talkative when around me and his father but with other kids he growls and grunts that he scares them. I have been telling him to not be afraid or excited when he sees other kids but he can't help it I guess. Anyway, I am looking forward to the holiday because I know the husband will be off work. Hurray!

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