Sunday, November 23, 2008

a slight accident

While we were walking on the beach earlier, I smelled paper burning. I didn't say anything though because aside from the fact that it was windy and cold, I was also very hungry and weak. Talking at the time would have caused a lot of effort. I thought maybe some people on the nearby motel did it. It was only when we got near the pier that the husband noticed his coat pocket had holes in it. He looked only to realize that he was the one who caught fire. The reaction on his face was hilarious, like he couldn't believe a part of him was burning and he didn't know it. I laughed so hard at his reaction. What he did was he had a cigarette butt which he thought he already had the tip put out and put it in his coat pocket. His precious and expensive coat now has holes in it. I feel sorry for him and I know he is disappointed with himself for ruining his favorite coat but he laughed when I told him it will be a good topic for a post on my blog. He is silly. He said the incident should teach him a lesson not to put cigarette butts in his pockets.

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