Monday, November 3, 2008

pretty birds

Last Spring there were a lot of birds in our backyard. We used to wake up with their chirping and it really made my day. They stay in the yard too for as long as they want. Perhaps because nobody bothers them in there. We just left them alone. We don't have any birdfeeders for the birds because we didn't know they would come. But now that we know, I would like to have one in the backyard. It looks so pretty with all the colorful birds and I want them to come more often and have a reason to come back. I am sure the husband will agree to it. The little man once chased the birds when I let him play in the backyard and he just had a good time. They always come back anyway. I rarely see this many birds where I came from. I am delighted to know they like to hang out in our yard.

I checked and saw a lot of pretty birdfeeders but the picture below is what I would like to get for our little friends come Spring when they are back. I want to welcome them with a nice surprise. I can't wait for more happy chirping to make my day brighter. Hopefully there will be more of them next year.

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