Thursday, November 6, 2008

oppss, we forgot

We sent a balikbayan box to my parents in Leyte about a month ago (I think). It contained clothes both new and slightly used, a few canned meat to see if anybody will like it, two purses for Mamsy, a few pairs of sandals, and some little things my cousins or nieces can use. Papsy's request of buying him a sander was a little too late so it was not on the box. Also Mamsy's request of getting one of the boys tactical pants for school. They should have told us earlier when we were getting the box ready. Oh well, we can always get another box but then I don't know if the pants will still be of use when it get there next year. The sander can wait though. I don't know why but whenever we send them a box we usually don't get everything they want in it. Last year we forgot to put the level (a carpentry tool) on the box because the little man played with it and didn't put it back in the box. We really need to make lists and post a lot of reminders around the house so as not to forget anything.

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